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Introducing, The Caughtery, the Austin, Texas based duo of Lisa Tingle and David Gayler.


To set the stage for this collaboration, we have to acknowledge the fact this duo was born just 5 days apart, from opposite coasts and somehow met in the middle.  Both were born into musical families and share a common thread of loving diverse musical influences that include Rock, Indie, Fusion, Jazz, Blues and R&B.


It’s that connection and mutual addiction to creating unique music that really moves their storytelling note by note.


In 2020, David called Lisa to record a song he knew fit her vibe. What started out as a single song collaboration has turned into an EP release ‘The Caughtery’. The players involved in the first EP include Tom Brechtlein, Ricky Phillips and Tim Palmer. These players/producers have worked with Robert Plant, Chick Corea, Jimmy Page, David Bowie, Styx, The Babys, Tears for Fears, Kenny Loggins and many more. To say Dave and Lisa are in good hands is a monumental understatement. The Caughtery hopes you enjoy your journey into what they like to call  their “musical paintings”.


Lisa, described as a “Female Robert Plant,” has the power of Janis Joplin and the soul of Aretha Franklin. Austin Music Awards voted her FEMALE VOCALIST of the YEAR, BAND of the YEAR, BEST SONG, MUSICIAN of the YEAR, & ALBUM of the YEAR many times over the past decade. She is considered THE female vocalist of Austin and is well-respected throughout the South. She has toured and/or performed with many legendary acts, such as Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel, Eric Johnson, Etta James, Stephen Bruton, Monte Montgomery, Marcia Ball, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble, and continues to fill the airwaves of radio stations throughout the southern U.S. and parts of Europe.


Tingle was born and raised in northern California by musician parents and grandparents. She moved to Los Angeles immediately out of high school and began gigging and recording. She landed a job as a session vocalist for the writers at Almo-Irving Publishing, part of A & M Records. Top writers hired Tingle to sing their songs to submit to everyone from Tina Turner to Dolly Parton. Tingle moved to Texas and formed with Black Pearl, a polished rock band. Black Pearl landed a record deal with Capitol Records. Her songs from that first CD caught the ears of a few TV producers and several were placed on episodes of “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Melrose Place”. Quickly gaining the attention of studios in Texas, Tingle began to work inside the publishing world again, singing for TV and radio commercials, films, and songwriters. After meeting Ray Benson, she was hired to sing on several soundtracks with Benson, including Jean-Claude Van Damme’s “Universal Soldier”. Then later, Tingle and Thiel both worked on Sandra Bullock’s “Miss Congeniality” and Robert Rodriguez’s “Spy Kids 3”. Lisa went solo after the Black Pearl CD and released 6 more CD’s under her own name---all met with great reviews. Her music gained attention from European radio stations and was quickly added in rotation on England’s BBC radio. Austin Chronicle Music Awards honored her twice as “Best Female Vocalist”. Her songs continue to play on radio stations across Texas all the way to the BBC in London.


David Gayler is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and studio owner based in Spicewood, Texas. Born in upstate New York, Gayler moved to Texas in the mid 80s to attend college. Although starting out on the piano, he later moved to acoustic and electric guitar. David has played with various bands during his musical career and has opened for a variety of artists including ‘The Romantics’, Jerry Jeff Walker, Charlie Sexton as well as being a member of the ‘Party Band’ during MTVs journey down to Texas in the late 1980s.


So now you know the players, the stage is set…have a seat and we sincerely hope you enjoy the show.

'Fragile’ is a stunning track, evoking goosebumps and, already from the first listen, leaving you wanting more. Influenced by a wide array of music ranging from the 60s through 00s, their forthcoming EP presents a series of “musical paintings”, expressing the pressure and fragility of the human state over the last two years.

Amplify Music Magazine
Tingle’s voice and Gayler’s instrumentation leave no doubt whatsoever about the level of power and passion that has gone into this recording. This is stunning and impressive in so many ways – it’s a tight progression of chords, the music is highly melodic and the performance is impeccable. Without doubt, the production is also faultless, which is not surprising given Palmer’s involvement. Overall, an A+ effort with outstanding output – this is one sublime unforgettable creation.

Spill Magazine
Fan of towering classic rock pyrotechnics? If so, get your stereo ready for a gigantic Goth-metallic-wall-of-paramount sound. Fragile is a sky-scraping juggernaut propelled by muscled Eddie Van Halen-like guitar riffage, a mighty jackhammer inflamed with Lisa Tingle‘s passionate and soulful vocals going over-the-top on the stately chorus. Wow!

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